Jackie Selcraig is a self-taught jewellery designer based in rolling hills of the beautiful Scottish Borders. She launched her brand in 2006 and enjoys creating new collections inspired by her environment. Alongside Gracie J she has also launched another brand Modjool, in 2012.

Gracie J is a distinctively different line in jewellery and is perfect for those searching for that balance between sensible pricing and quality design. The collections offer something unusual in their design, composition and style. Everything is exquisitely and individually handmade in her home-based studio.

Jackie’s approach to designing jewellery comes from her connection with the natural world and the landscape which surrounds her.  She creates a signature piece then experiments with form, colour and texture to create a whole range. She enjoys working with silver and mixed metals and combines many of her pieces with finest quality leather.

The Gracie J brand now sells in select UK stockists but the majority of her work is bought directly online or at select art, craft and design shows.  She now has customers all over the globe.

The Collections

Unique June

During the month of June 2021 I’ve been designing and making some one-off pieces using silver and mixed metals. My motivation for doing this, apart from the obvious joy there is in creating new designs, is to try and raise some money for a wonderful charity that means a lot to our family.  So the aim is to make and sell around 50 pieces of unique jewellery, treasures if you like, with the added incentive that customers will be helping to support a really wonderful charity.  You can read more about this in the ‘Unique June’ collection page.

Scottish Skies

This collection of silver and oxidised silver jewellery is a celebration of some of the wonderful words we use in Scotland to describe our ever-changing weather.  At the beginning of 2021, some new landscape-inspired pieces were added and it is hoped to expand this range to include other well-known landscapes. Watch this space!