Jackie Selcraig is a self-taught jewellery designer based in the Scottish Borders. She launched her brand in 2006 and has enjoyed eight years of consistent growth. Alongside Gracie J, she has also launched another brand Modjool, in 2012.

Gracie J is a distinctively different line in jewellery. It is perfect for those searching for that balance between sensible pricing and quality design. The collections offer something unusual in their design, composition and style. Everything is exquisitely and individually handmade in her home-based studio by a small and dedicated team, and boasts an uncompromising level of quality that the discerning Gracie J customer has come to expect from this unique brand.

Jackie’s approach to designing jewellery comes from creating signature pieces using beautiful beads or silver and combining with leather, and then playing with colour and form to create a whole range.

The Gracie J brand now sells in over 100 UK stockists and internationally. Jackie exhibits extensively to meet clients and attends prestigious jewellery trade shows and other events.

The Collections

Gracie J Originals – this range, launched in 2006 continues to be a firm favourite. The beads are ceramic and dipped in silver to give a luxurious finish. Combined with finest leather in either black or brown, there are a variety of different styles from delicate and pretty (Gio) to bold and statement (Orbit). Many necklace styles feature the trademark button fastening which makes this jewellery so easy to wear.

Gracie J Colour – Launched in 2012, these coloured pieces were designed for everyday wear. Available in a variety of colours made with matt or enamel finished beads, they are perfect if you are looking for a splash of colour. Like the Originals, these pieces are made with the same fine leather and trademark fastenings.

Gracie J 925 – Newly launched in 2015, the 925 range features Sterling silver (925) combined with leather. The designs reflect the world around us – Leaf, Tube, Pebble – and each piece is beautifully hand-formed. The end result of this collection is a fusion of shapes, textures and colours that are interesting to look at and pleasing to wear.



In 2012 we launched our sister brand, Mojdool.  It is a system of very modern statement jewellery, that features three distinct modular ranges, which can be worn individually, mixed and matched or combined magnetically. The wearer can adapt the appearance by simply changing colour, shape, size, material or style, all within the same jewellery collection.  The materials used include colourful plastic tubing, silver, magnetic fasteners, aluminium and some rather familiar ceramic beads.  Go and have a look…Modjool