How to wear your orbit

It’s a stunning piece, I’m sure you’ll agree.

To wear it as you see it in the main picture, put the orbit round your neck and make one short end and one long end (the short end should be quite short, just below your collar bone). Now simply wind the long end round your neck twice and the tuck both ends over the front. This will hold it in place. Move the beads as necessary. Simple, gorgeous!

Same applies if you want to wear it as a long neckpiece. Start with one shorter end (a good bit longer than above). Wind the longer end round your neck only once. This next bit is key! Tuck one end over a couple of times and the other end under. If you do this your orbit will stay in place. To finish, simply move the beads to their desired spot and there you have it!

There are many and varied ways to wear your orbit. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t go unnoticed!

Why does the silver sometimes tarnish?

All silver, whether pure or plated, tarnishes when exposed to air. Some people “tarnish” silver more than others. It’s a mixture of residue on your skin and sometimes products/perfumes can contribute to tarnishing. ┬áIf tarnishing occurs, clean with a silver cloth or a cloth dipped in silver dip. It is reasonable to expect some tarnishing to occur.