Unique June

During the month of June, I’ve been making some one-off pieces of jewellery using mixed metals – namely silver and gold – and here are the first batch of, hopefully, around 50 pieces.

My motivation for doing this, apart from the obvious joy there is in creating new designs, is to try and raise some money for a wonderful charity that means a lot to our family.

In February 2015, Dad was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis for which there is no cure and very limited treatment options to slow the disease down. To cut a long story short, Dad is running out of breath as his lungs scar from the inside and gradually reduce the amount of space there is in his lungs for oxygen. Horrible, huh? This continues until there’s no space left. He is currently on supplementary oxygen 24/7 and will soon be confined to bed because movement of any kind is exhausting. Idiopathic means “no known cause” which makes this especially cruel as Dad has never smoked and always been a healthy, fit man. This hideous disease – IPF – doesn’t get enough funding for research because it’s a lung disease which people associate with smoking. But it’s a disease which is on the increase and it can happen to anyone.

The wonderful team at Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh have been absolutely amazing with their support for Dad and our family, guiding us through this really upsetting and difficult journey, and I wanted to thank them in some way. So, 20% of the Unique June items sold will be donated to this very deserving charity.

I hope you like what you see and will feel encouraged to buy a piece for you or someone you love, knowing that some of the proceeds will be going towards helping other families just like ours.

Thanks and enjoy browsing.