Project 5


Silver pendant measuring 25mm x 14mm covered with 3mm oxidised hearts and threaded onto 16mm leather thong.



I didn’t get started with this project till quite late in the day so it’s a straightforward piece!

If you’ve been a fan of my jewellery for a while, you’ll know by now that I don’t do heart jewellery. It’s simply that there’s so much of it about and I’ve never felt compelled to make any myself. However, whilst having a rummage through all my bits and bobs, I came across this (still in it’s packet) tiny heart stamp which I bought years ago. So, I found a bit of scrap silver sheet, which I’d cut squint in error, and decided to adorn it with oxidised hearts. This is the rather pleasing result.

I will do more of these in different shapes and sizes so keep an eye out!


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